June 17, 2015 RID board minute highlights

Highlights of the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Raymond Irrigation District held Wednesday June 17, 2015 commencing at 9:00 AM in the RID Board Room.

Attending: Byron Wilde Chairman, John McKee Vice Chairman, Craig Palmer Director, Gordon ZoBell, General Manager and recording clerk, Mark Jensen Operations Manager  and Kelvin Kado, Offiice Manager as required.

IRP Project Update given by Mark Jensen

IRP 2280 W#5 phase 3 – some leveling over the pipeline to do this fall, the pipeline is working fine.

IRP 2307 – W#5 phase 4 – final design and easement procurement will be completed over the next month. The pipe order will also be completed asap.

IRP 2308 – Ortho Photo’s – New aerial photos will be taken in July 2015.

Maintenance report – Mark showed the board pictures of work completed over the past month by RID staff and equipment. A riser top blew this morning on Stirling #12 pipeline due to a thrust support chain failure. The crew will have the repair completed within hours. There was no damage caused due to flooding.

Irrican Power – All plants are running and maxed out for production. Power pool prices are starting out low again somewhat the same as last year. April had 389.19 MWH for income generation of $8,122.66 for $20.88/MWH. May’s report will not be received until June 22 (it is released 15 business days following month end). The pool prices fluctuate, so we will hope for better long term averages. We need $50.00/MWH to meet financial cash requirements. ACFA payments were made June 15 from reserve cash transferred from 1st Choice Savings in Magrath. Each year passing gets us closer to plant payouts.

RID Financial – by Kelvin Kado – Investment report from ATB Security, performance of investments May 1 to May 31 was 2.0% which would be equivalent to 24%/annum. Jan. 1 $3,223,368.15 balance and May 31 balance is $3,294,184.17 an increase of $70,816.02 = 2.1% for 5 months = 5.2%/annum

Updating for assessment list, report for AIPA; 284 irrigators, includes terminable 135 household agreements

Account Receivables; reminder notices sent out and reminding them of the July 1 penalty, payments are coming in.

Account receivables St. Mary Main Canal  $14,137.35, DeeThree $5,250.00, FORTIS $4,050.00 Irrigators $33,876.56 total $57,313.91

Expansion Plebiscite in the RID – Waiting now for modeling information from AARD. This will take several months.

RID Strategic Plan and GIS overlay – nothing to report this month.

Directors Items – Byron Wilde noted that he had recently met with Keeler farms to discuss an idea they have regarding the installation of a pipeline from the (ESRD) Environment Headwork’s canal. Byron explained the concept put forward by them, to the board. It was noted that a use of works agreement is required in order to install a turnout from the Environment canal. The agreement must be between the RID and ESRD. The board noted that this project is possible, as long as all costs are paid by Keeler Farms.

Irrigation Technical Conference June 11, 2015 – Gordon noted that he had attended this conference along with Engineer Darin Wilde. Many informative and timely topics were covered and he felt it was a day well spent.

Household Purposes Agreement –  Plan 1013074 Block 58 Lot 2 SW-20-6-20-W4. Approved on motion by John McKee

Household Purposes Agreement –  LSD 9&10 section 26-6-21-W4 Title number 111128268+2- Approved on motion by Craig Palmer

Alternate parcel agreement – 20 irrigation acres From: NW-32-6-20-W4 To: NW-18-6-19-W4 – Approved on motion by John McKee

Alternate parcel agreement – 4 irrigation acres From: NW-32-6-20-W4 To: NW-19-6-19-W4 – Approved on motion by John McKee

Irrigation Council – ID contact list and board member list. The board requested that this information be scanned and emailed to them for their individual files.

Next meeting date – Wednesday, July 15, 2015