February 26, 2014 RID Board Meeting Highlights

Minutes of the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Raymond Irrigation District held Wednesday February 26, 2014 commencing at 9:00 AM in the RID Board Room.

Attending: Byron Wilde Chairman, John McKee Vice Chairman, Director Alan Heggie, Gordon ZoBell, General Manager and recording clerk, Kelvin Kado, Office Manager, as required and Mark Jensen, Operations Manager.

The Agenda for the February 26, 2014 meeting was approved on motion by Alan Heggie and carried.

The Minutes of the, January 15, 2014 board meeting were approved on motion by Byron Wilde and carried.


IRP Project Update given by Mark Jensen and Gordon ZoBell.

IRP 2262 – Welling #5 phase 2 – Installation of the pipe has continued with some days lost due to very cold temperatures. The final pipe and hook up to last seasons reach will take place within a day or two.

IRP 2280 phase 3 – This project was approved by Irrigation Council on February 10, 2014.

RID Maintenance report – Mark Jensen showed the board a slide presentation of pictures showing IRP related items, there was no maintenance of the works completed over the past month.

Irrican Power – Financial report: Kelvin noted: Financial report was presented to the AGM January 29, 2014. Irrican board approved a payment to districts of $1,000,000.00 from excess 2012/2013 operating capital to pay down CASH LOAN to each district, of which, RID will receive a 10% portion ($100,000.00). This will be paid on March 10 in addition to the ACFA payment due on March 15. Depending on 2014 income an additional payment to districts will be made in October to pay down or payout the CASH LOAN. The balance of CASH LOAN to RID is $284,164.30. Gordon went over items discussed on the rest of the agenda at the Annual meeting. Byron and Gordon attended this meeting. There has been work to the runner at Chin and the PLC at Raymond is being replaced.

RID Financial – Reminder notices (Statements) will be sent to irrigators as of February 28, 2014. Remaining unpaid is from 2012 assessment $8,624. We will begin collection process for late accounts so we can avoid any Rate Enforcement.

Waiting on Water report from The Town, to invoice; Town of Raymond, Village of Stirling, Village of Warner and County of Warner for water conveyance. Reminder sent to Rick Lowry.

Kelvin has started the RID audit. We were looking to have our audit completed before the end of February. The auditors have financial info and are working on it, should be done next week, exit meeting March 13 or 14.  Need reports for the annual report by March 17.

We will be starting preparation for 2014 budget. The budget will include, major repair to the Kenworth and the purchase of a new pick-up and used gravel truck.

Annual CPI report has been obtained, January 20, 2014 rate has been received at 2.7%. Other districts have completed a survey on wage increases for 2014, results; LNID 2.7%, SMRID 3%, WID 2.5%, Eastern 2.3%, these districts based their raises on the December CPI.

We may see the benefit of the Irrican investment, will get $100,000.00 payment this year and possibly the Cash loan paid out. We have no loan against this amount, funds will go directly into savings/investments.

RID – AGM, Newspaper ad/notice, March 20, 2014

AIPA – The next AIPA directors meeting will be held in Vauxhall  March 31, commencing at 10:00 AM. Gordon and Byron are to attend.

RID Annual Meeting and Seminar – March 20, 2014 – All presenters have been assigned excepting the family farm spotlight. A suggestion was made to ask the Manager of the Irrigation secretariat office, Roger Hohm, to give a presentation about his recent volunteer trip to the Winter Olympics in Sochi Russia. Gordon will follow up on this suggestion.

Town of Raymond – County of Warner – water quality concerns at Ridge Reservoir – Gordon noted that the town had given a presentation to each of the partners of the Ridge Water Services Commission regarding a motion of support that the town was looking for support with. The motion points directly at Irrican power and accuses the Coop of causing the water quality concerns at Ridge reservoir. All partners agreed to support the town based on the town’s presentation. This was quickly noted by the irrigation community and efforts are underway to show these partners the other side of the issue.


Directors Items – There were no director’s items.

Expansion Plebiscite in the RID – Jennifer Nitschelm AAFRD – Jennifer entered the meeting at 11:00 AM. She went over the process of modeling with the board and of what the sequence of needed information will entail. Agriculture will model one aspect of the information and Alberta Environment another. It may be necessary to outsource some of the modeling if timing is an issue. Outsourcing would be paid by the district. Byron and Gordon plan to make a presentation at the March 20th RID seminar regarding the expansion vote and of what it will take to complete the information running up to the vote and in accordance with legislation. Jennifer stayed for lunch with the board and then left the meeting. She is available for assistance with compiling the information.

Jim Csabay SMRID board member – Retirement party March 20, 2014 at 4:00 PM. Alan Heggie will attend and make a presentation on behalf of the RID.

Transfer of acres under section 26 of ID Act – Dirk and Celina Kuerschner 2015-19-Street Coaldale AB T1M 1E9 – From: NE-26-6-21-W4 60 irrigation acres. To: NW-5-6-19-W4 owned by Paul Hofer. Approved by the board on motion by John McKee, carried.

Transfer of acres under section 26 of ID Act – Janice and David McKay From: NE-12-6-21-W4 Plan 1346J Lots 62 LINC 0023.617 103 – 7 irrigation acres. To: J&C Conservation Farming Ltd NW-7-6-18-W4. Approved by the board on motion by Alan Heggie and carried. John McKee abstained from discussion and voting on this issue.

Raymond Tradeshow – March 29th, 2014 at the Raymond Ice Arena – The board determined that the district should be involved here again for 2014. Gordon will make arrangements to have the AIPA booth set up and manned.

Sale of 1998 Ford F-150 pickup  – On motion by Byron Wilde the board approved the sale of this truck.

Zaren Oler – request to waive outstanding water fee only, due to him not having a turn out  – Approved by the board on motion by Alan Heggie and carried.

Southern AB Regional Storm water Management Plan – Gordon noted that MPE Engineering have been hired to complete a study regarding drainage in the southern region. They have asked for information from the RID and it is being made available.

ORRSC – file # 2014-0-019 – S1/2-6-7-20-W4 and Lot 1. Block 2 plan 0610882 – Oosterhof/Corners Pride Farms Ltd – To reconfigure two adjacent lots by subdividing 39.50 acres from a title of 77.04 acres and consolidating it to an adjacent agricultural title, lot3, block 3, plan 131 2909, for agricultural use. Approved by the board on motion by Alan Heggie and carried.

ORRSC – file # 2014-0-018 – s1/2-6-7-20-W4 and lot 3 block 3, plan 1312909 , Corners Pride Farms Ltd/Justin Ross Giles – To reconfigure two adjacent lots by subdividing 19.63 acres from a title of 125.17 acres and consolidating it to an adjacent agricultural title, lot 3, block 3, plan 131 2909, for agricultural use. Approved by the board on motion by John McKee subject to an irrigation acre split where 17 acres will follow the smaller title, and carried.

ORRSC – file # 2014-0-021 – NW-32-6-20-W4 – Cornelius and Laura Friesen – To create a 6.0 acre parcel from a title of 80.5 acres for country residential use. Total irrigation acres is 75. Approved on motion by Byron Wilde subject to one irrigation acre being transferred from this title to the adjacent 80 acre title also owned by Friesen. No irrigation acres are to transfer with the 6.0 acre parcel. Carried. Note, that a household purposes agreement can be obtained for the new 6 acre parcel.

ORRSC – file # 2014-0-024 – Lot 62, plan 1346J within NW-12-6-21-W4 – Janice and David McKay – To subdivide an 8.75 acre parcel and create two titles 3.30 and 4.45 acres respectively in size for country residential use. Approved by the board on motion by Byron Wilde and carried.

Kelvin Kado – requesting holiday payout of 1 week. – Approved by the board on motion by Alan Heggie and carried.

Next meeting date – Wednesday March 19, 2014 commencing at 9:00 AM at the RID board room.

Motion to adjourn and time meeting ended – Having no further business the meeting adjourned at 2:45 PM, on motion by Alan Heggie.