August 24, 2012 RID Board Meeting Highlights

Meeting highlights of the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Raymond Irrigation District held Friday August 24, 2012 commencing at 11:00 AM in the RID Board Room.

Attending: Byron Wilde Chairman,John McKeeVice Chairman, Alan Heggie Director, Gordon ZoBell, General Manager and recording clerk, Mark Jensen Operations Manager Kelvin Kado, Office Manager, attended as required.

The Agenda for the August 24, 2012 meeting was approved on motion by Alan Heggie and carried.

The Minutes of the, July 26, 2012 board meeting were approved on motion by Alan Heggie and carried.


IRP Project Update given by Gordon ZoBell and Mark Jensen.

Water Management Special Funding IRP 2146 – Project will be finished up this fall after water is shut off.

IRP 2240 – Welling #5 – Suncore will do the road push for the district on Highway #5. The casing pipe will be a 48 inch diameter. IPEX will supply the pipe for the project but it has not been built yet. The project should commence in late September.

RID Maintenance report – Mark showed the board a slide show of maintenance activities completed this past month.

Irrican – Byron and Gordon attended a directors meeting on July 31, 2012 held in the SMRID board room. Kent Bullock has done a great job marketing carbon credits. Kent noted that a large company has shown interest in purchasing power from Irrican. Kent will get more information regarding this possibility. It was also noted that there will be an Alberta Premiers dinner held in Lethbridge at the Lodge Hotel October 18th, 2012. Byron Wilde will attend. The PC AGM and Convention will be held in the Calgary TELUS Center on November 9th and 10th, 2012. Byron Wilde will also attend this function. Kelvin noted that Irrican’s income for July 2012, for the three plants combined, was $1,371,310.92, Fortis line rental income received for June was $26,495.20

RID Financial Report – Given by Kelvin Kado – The annual assessment report was produced on August 15 and individual billings were mailed to RID water users on August 22, 2012.

Copies of 2012 assessment were made available to each board member.

RID Proposed Plebiscite Vote – Gordon noted that the RID staff has been continuing work on bringing the DDIT information up to date.

RID, Welling – Gravity Pipeline System (GPS) – There has been no word from the CCEMC regarding the districts Expression of Interest (EOI). It was noted that the MID is submitting a second EOI under another CCEMC offering.

Irrigation Council – Irrigation Act Review – Byron and Gordon have been invited to a meeting with Council on September 7, 2012 at the Holiday Inn (old Ramada Inn) in Lethbridge. The meeting will run between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM with lunch served.


Federal Election Boundaries – Re: Letter from MP Jim Hillyer. – The board is concerned about the new boundaries and felt that individual board members, water users, and their families should respond officially to the issue.

Cody Heggie – Re: Raymond Fire Department application to join – The board was in favor of Cody joining, subject to a one year review by the RID board to see if there is any adverse concerns. The board would not allow Cody to respond to a fire call if he is operating an excavator on a pipeline project where his absence could shut the project down.

AIPA – August 29, 2012 – Air and Ground MLA tour – Chairman Byron Wilde will attend the air and ground tour on behalf of the RID, as well as the BBQ held later in Coaldale.  Alan Heggie and Gordon ZoBell will attend the BBQ.

Irrigation Acre transfer under section 26 of ID Act – From: SW-32-6-20-W4, currently 149 irrigation acres, wishes to transfer 11 irrigation acres TO:  NW-5-6-19-W4. 160 acres in parcel with currently 67 irrigation acres. Will increase to 78. Approved by the board.

Irrigation Acre Transfer under section 26 of the ID Act – From: SW-6-7-20-W4 in LSD 1 – 10 irrigation acres To: SW-27-5-20-W4. 128.7 acres in the parcel with currently 110 irrigation acres. Will increase to 120. Approved by the board.

LAPP rates – increasing – Member rates up to YMPE (Years Maximum Pensionable Earnings) for 2012 is 8.91% for 2013, 9.43% for 2013 and 10.39% for 2014. Member rates over YMPE for 2012 are 12.75% for 2013, 13.47% for 2013 and 14.84% for 2014. Employer’s rate up to YMPE for 2012 is 9.91% for 2013, 10.43% and 11.39% for 2014. Employer’s rate over YMPE for 2012 is 13.74% for 2013 14.47% and 15.84% for 2014. The board noted these changes which are due to low investment rates.

Coopers Drop – (Raymond Chute) – A 22 year old man (Branon Moore) from Coaldale drown in the plunge pool on August 8, 2012. It took rescue personnel 3 days to recover his body. The public is at risk while swimming in district canals. Very sad event. The Chute is part of the SMRID works.

AESB Shelter Belt Program – Letter to Federal Ag. Minister Gerry Ritz. – A letter requesting that this Federal Program be continued was sent from the RID by Chairman Byron Wilde. The program is slated to be cancelled. The Chairman also sent a letter to the Alberta Ag Minister who returned a letter noting the Ministers agreement and support not to cancel the program. Copies were also sent to local MP Jim Hillyer.

Next meeting date –September 19, 2012.