April 17, 2024 Board Meeting Highlights
  • The agenda for the meeting was approved on motion by Rod Wendorff and carried.
  • The Minutes of the March 20, 2024 board meeting were approved on motion by Rod Wendorff and carried.

Business Arising

  • O&M Report and AIM Project Update:

Cody shared a slideshow of pictures taken over the last month of repairs & maintenance and pipelining activities. The status reported on each project is as follows:

9 Mile & North – Pipe and fittings for phase 4 have been ordered.

Gravity Pressure Pipeline System (“GPS”) (AIM Project) – Darin Wilde is adding mainline to the GPS modelling. We hope to have the model ready for peer review by early summer.

New Dayton CPR Crossing (IRP 2393) – CPKC is scheduling a project kick off meeting.      

8-2 (Internally Funded Project) – This phase of the project is near completion. We are waiting on fittings to tie into the structure.   

Smith Estates (Owner Funded) – We held the acreage owner meeting on April 11. The owners were not happy with the projected cost. It was unclear in the meeting if there is sufficient support for the project to proceed. We have given them until May 1 to provide a verbal commitment to the projected cost of $17,000/parcel ($22,000/parcel for the 2 parcels to the north west) and to allow easements on their parcels.

Chin Chute Rehabilitation (IRP 2392) – Nothing new to report.

  • Snowpack Report / Water Supply Forecast:

The Board reviewed the most recent reservoir report and snow pack report from the government. The headworks storage has increased to 37% compared to 31% last month.

  • Irrican Update:

The Raymond plant will be down from May 24-28 so that Fortis can complete transformer testing.

There are 3 HPA users that have not made payment arrangements for their arrears. Staff will try one more time to arrangement payment. If unsuccessful, the staff will cap their risers.

Jason presented the annual budget. The Board discussed the various line items, including increasing the annual rate to $20/acre. The rate has remained the same for the last 4 years to help irrigators during the high inflation, but with increased costs of supplies, fuel, labor, subcontractors, etc., an increase is warranted.

On motion by Craig Palmer and carried, the RID Board approves the 2024 budget as presented.

New Business

  • Directors’ Items:

John attended the SMRID AGM and reported that it went very well. The meeting was well attended and there was lots of press in attendance. They announced their allocation of 8”/acre.

  • Start-up Plan:

Jason and Cody shared with the Board the start-up plan for the season. We plan on deferring start-up for as long as possible, but currently, we plan on diverting 60 cfs to flush our canals and fill pipelines on April 26. Water will be available to irrigations throughout the next week. If we receive snow and rain we will try and push back the start date.

  • Seepage Control Plan:

Jason presented the 2024-2028 Seepage Control plan to the Board. The Board reviewed and discussed the plan. Jason reported that in the April 18, 2024 Westwind Weekly notice of the plan will be advertised.

On motion by John McKee and carried, the RID Board approves the 2024-2028 Seepage Control Plan.

  • Annual Resolutions:

Jason presented the annual resolutions to Board. The Board discussed them, particularly if the water rate should increase to $20/acre.

On motion made by Rod Wendorff and carried, the RID Board approves the 2024 annual bylaws, which include setting an irrigation allotment of 8”/acre and increasing the water rate to $20 per acre.

  • Alternate Parcel Agreement Requests:

The district received the following alternate parcel requests:

  • 30 acres from NW 35-6-21-W4 to SW/SE 2-7-21-W4
  • 25 acres from SW 1-7-21-W4 to SE 30-6-20-W4
  • 11 acres from NE 3-7-21-W4 to SW/SE 2-7-21-W4
  • 39 acres from NW 2-7-21-W4 to SW/SE 2-7-21-W4
  • 32 acres from NE21-6-21-W4 to SE 32-6-20-W4
  • 30 acres from 7-6-21-W4 to S½ NW 35-6-21-W4
  • 13 acres from SE 18-6-21-W4 to SE 30-6-20-W4
  • 50 acres from 7-6-21-W4 to SE 30-6-20-W4
  • 130 acres from NW 33-5-21-W4 to SW 5-6-19-W4
  • 30 acres from NW 22-6-20-W4 to NE 31-6-19-W4
  • 15 acres from NW 35-6-20-W4 to SW 24-6-20-W4
  • 35 acres from NW 35-6-20-W4 to NW 25-6-20-W4
  • 15 acres from SW 35-6-20-W4 to SW 24-6-20-W4

On motion made by John McKee and carried, the RID Board approves the alternate parcel requests as noted above.

  • Annual Agreement Requests:

The district received the following annual agreement requests:

  • 30 acres on NE 34-5-15-W4
  • 30 acres on W½ 35-5-15-W5
  • 125 acres on SW 22-6-17-W4
  • 105 acres on SW 16-6-17-W4
  • 61 acres on NW 15-6-17-W4
  • 20 acres on SW 15-6-17-W4
  • 61 acres on NE 16-6-17-W4
  • 25 acres on NW 12-7-19-W4
  • 130 acres on SE 1-6-20-W4
  • 180 acres on NE 17-6-16-W4
  • 30 acres on SW 14-6-20-W4

On motion made by Craig Palmer and carried, the RID Board approves the annual agreements noted above.

  • Household Purposes Agreement (“HPA”) Requests:

The district received the following HPA requests:

  • Plan 2312230, Block 1, Lot 1
  • Plan 9711687, Block 3, Lot 2
  • Plan 1345J, Lot 46

On motion made by John McKee and carried, the RID Board approves the HPA noted above.

  • Transfer of Irrigation Acres:

The district received the following transfer of irrigation acre requests:

  • 10 acres from SE 19-6-20-W4 (I0842) to NW 18-6-20-W4 (I0356)
  • 15 acres from S½ of NE 29-6-20-W4 (I0228) to N½ SE 2-6-20-W4
  • 11 acres from NE 5-6-19-W4 (I0063) to N½ SE 2-6-20-W4
  • 35 acres from NE 31-5-19-W4 (I0094) to N½ SE 2-6-20-W4
  • 4 acres from SE 13-6-20-W4 (I0264) to N½ SE 2-6-20-W4

On motion made by Rod Wendorff and carried, the RID Board approves the transfer of irrigation acres as noted above.

  • Next Meeting Date

The next meeting is set for May 15, 2024.

Motion to adjourn – There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 2:40 pm on motion by Craig Palmer.