February 21, 2024 Board Meeting Highlights
  1. The agenda for the meeting was approved on motion by Rod Wendorff and carried.


  1. The Minutes of the January 17, 2024 board meeting were approved on motion by Craig Palmer and carried.


Business Arising


  1. O&M Report and AIM Project Update:


Jason shared a slideshow of pictures taken over the last month of repairs & maintenance and pipelining activities. The status reported on each project is as follows:


9 Mile & North – Jason presented the engineered overview drawings for phase 4 of the project. Phase 4 will commence in the fall of 2024 and is an IRP project. We hope to have pipe and fittings ordered soon.  


GPS (AIM Project) – Jason and Cody are working with the engineer to have the project to final design within the next 6 months. We would like to place the order for pipe as soon as we can so that if Ipex is able to provide pipe sooner than 2026/27 then we will be ready for it.


New Dayton CPR Crossing (IRP 2393) – We are waiting to hear back from CPKC for a construction timeline.    


8-2 (Internally Funded Project) – We started the project on February 7. The structure is installed, but still needs the screens installed. We are still short on fittings. We will do everything we can, but we will be limited because fittings are backordered. Notices were sent out to all users on the system to show the construction timeline.


Smith Estates (Owner Funded) – We are finalizing the plan details and the cost that the land owners will have to pay for the project. We are looking at having a land owner meeting at the end of March or beginning of April.


Chin Chute Rehabilitation (IRP 2392) – The bulk of the project will be completed in 2024. It will cost the RID approximately $1.5M in 2024. Part of the funds will be from the 2024 IRP funding and rest from reserves.



  1. Snowpack Report / Water Supply Forecast:


The Board reviewed the most recent reservoir report and snow pack report from the government. The headworks storage has increased to 29% compared to 27% last month.


  1. Irrican Update:


The Irrican AGM was held on January 30. The 2023 year had the 2nd highest revenue in the Irrcan’s history. Irrican is proceeding with the Telsa battery storage at the Raymond plant.  


  1. RID financial –Jason reported:


There are 2 irrigators at risk of rate enforcement. Jason and Amanda will be contact them again to try an arrange for payment. There are also 24 HPA users that have outstanding invoices. Notices have been sent to them requiring them to make payment arrangements or the RID will cap their risers for the 2024 season.


The audit field work is completed. Patrick will be attending the AGM and presenting the financial statements.


  1. AGM – March 21, 2024:


The Board discussed and finalized the seminar program, which includes presentations on the 2024 water outlook, UID’s Belly River dam proposal, AFSC – Water Allocation Restriction Benefit, Mental Health in Difficult Years, What to Grow in Dry Years, and a Commodity Price Outlook.  The seminar will be followed by the traditional roast beef dinner and the AGM.


New Business


  1. Directors’ Items:


The Board requested that email notices be sent to them when they receive their stipend.


  1. February 9th – GOA/WaterSmart/License Holder Meetings – Jason reported:


Jason attended the first meeting in Calgary. The meeting went very well. It was an overview of the process and modelling that will be completed in the coming weeks. The goal is to create MOU’s by sub-basins on how the available water will be allocated, which will be agreed to by ID’s, large Municipalities, and large industry. There was a spirit of unity and working together throughout the meeting. Jason will continue to attend the meetings and report back to the Board.


  1. Renting Unused Allocation:


The Board revisited the idea of renting unused allocation between different irrigators within the district. Jason noted that BRID will be allowing this practice for the first time and their Board agreed on 5 principles to follow for renting unused allocation, which are:


  1. Water allotments cannot be traded to or acquired from land in other irrigation districts.
  2. Any irrigator can trade any portion of their water allotment from any parcel to any other irrigator in the RID.
  3. The office must be informed of all trades. Both parties must sign a trade agreement specifying the number of inches and the parcels involved in the trade and submit it to the office.
  4. The number of inches traded must be specified from the originating parcel, which will be converted to a volume. That volume will then be converted back to inches on the receiving parcel. For example, if the originating parcel has 148 irrigation acres and trades 2 inches, that parcel’s allotment will be reduced by 2 inches, but the receiving parcel will receive 24.67 acre feet of water. If the receiving parcel has 135 irrigation acres, its allotment will be increased by 2.2 inches.
  5. Water from one originating parcel can be traded to more than one receiving parcel, and receiving parcels can acquire water from more than one originating parcel.


The RID Board agreed with the BRID’s principles and agreed to allow the rental of unused allocation for 2024. The Board will determine if a fee for such transfers will be charged in April when the annual bylaws are set.


  1. Communication:


  1. Irrigators

Jason discussed with the Board the need for the office to have great communication for the 2024 irrigation season given that 2024 looks like it will be a rationing year. Jason proposed that important notices be posted on the RID website and Facebook page. To inform irrigators when a notice is posted a mass text message will be sent to users informing them that a notice has been posted. As part of the improved communication the Board discussed updating the RID website.


On motion made by Craig Palmer and carried, the RID Board approves updating the RID website.


  1. SMRID

The Board discussed the importance of good communication with SMRID, especially in the upcoming ration season. Jason will work with David Westwood, GM of SMRID, to share important updates and changes as needed. 


  1. Request to Sell Back Other Purposes Water:


Red Roof Farms would like to sell back to the district 13 acre feet of other purposes water. Red Roof Farms would like to offset the proceeds to the balance owed on the purchase of 20 acres in the RID’s last acre distribution.


On motion made by Craig Palmer, and carried, the RID Board approves purchase Red Roof Farms 13 acre feet of other purposes water and offsetting the proceeds to the balance owed on the purchase of 20 acres that is outstanding.


  1. HPA Fee Reduction Request:


The office received a request from a HPA users to reduce their 2023 invoice because there were times when they did not receive water. The Board discussed the situation and decided not to allow a reduction. Jason will inform the HPA user.


  1. Sale of Acres:


The RID has collected a small number of irrigation acres from owners of minimum parcels that have sold their irrigation acres back to the RID. From time to time, irrigators of parcels larger than 50 acres will request additional acres for infill. When such a request is received, the Board reviews the request and if the acres would be of use to the irrigator and the RID infrastructure can handle the additional acres, generally the Board approves the sale of irrigation acres for the large parcel (over 50 acres). Craig Palmer has requested to purchase 13 acres for infill. Being a director Craig abstained from the discussion and decision.


On motion made by John McKee and carried, the RID Board approves selling 13 irrigation acres to Craig Palmer for SE 11-6-21-W4.


  1. Next Meeting Date


The next meeting is set for March 20, 2024.


Motion to adjourn – There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 12:35 pm on motion by Craig Palmer.