June 21, 2023 Board Meeting Highlights
  • The agenda for the meeting was approved on motion by Rod Wendorff and carried.
  • The Minutes of the April 19, 2023 board meeting were approved on motion by John McKee and carried.

Business Arising

  • O&M Report and AIM Project Update:

Cody shared a slideshow of pictures taken over the last month of repairs & maintenance and pipelining activities. The status reported on each project is as follows:

9 Mile & North – The 3rd phase of the project is in final design. The pipe has been ordered and Ipex will begin shipping the pipe right away. The fittings need to be ordered soon, but we need to finalized a couple of turnouts.

GPS – We are working on adding irrigator’s main lines into the engineer’s design plan so that the pressure reducing valves can be strategically placed in the correct spots so that not only is our pipeline protect from too much pressure, but so are main lines.  

New Dayton CPR Crossing – The application is being prepared for CPR.

Hill Estates – Beck Contracting will be moving his equipment in place shortly. Construction should start within the next 2 weeks.

  • Irrican – Jason reported:

Plant production for the year to-date is: Raymond – 590.2 MWs, Drop 4,5,6 – 262.5 MWs, and Chin – 478.5 MWs. Energy prices are good so we anticipate good revenue again this year. There has been very little down time so far this year.

  • Staffing:

The Board discussed having a BBQ for staff and their families in early to mid-August. Last year’s family BBQ was well attending and the staff and directors enjoyed it.

  • Snowpack Report / Water Supply Forecast / RID Diversion / DDIT:

RID has diverted approximately 12,500 acre feet of water so far. Last year at this same time the RID had diverted approximately 16,500 acre feet of water.

The Board reviewed Alberta Agriculture & Irrigation’s irrigation water supply forecast. The forecast shows there is a 90% chance of receiving at least 14.4”/acre of water and a 50% chance of receiving at least 17.7”/acre. The currently farm gate allocation is 15”/acre. The Board felt comfortable leaving the allocation at 15”/acre for the time being.

  • Irrigating Alberta Inc. (“IAI”)– Jason reported:

The IAI districts meet in May and worked with Ipex to determine a schedule for each district to receive the pipe orders that they require to complete their AIM projects. The RID will receive pipe for the 9 Mile & North project over the next 2 years as originally planned. The pipe for the GPS project will be available starting in the 2026/2027 construction season.

  • Office Renos/IT Systems/DDIT System – Jason reported:

Jason presented the quote for next office flooring and few minor renovations for a total of $20,000. The office IT systems upgrades are also underway. The computer backup system has been replaced and is now working. The computers also have networking and share drive capabilities now.

The new water management project is working well. It will take the rest of the year to adjust and finalize the program.

  • Equipment – Charge Out Rate for High Speed Disc

The Board discussed what rate to charge irrigators that use our new high speed disc. Jason shared the comparable rental rates from suppliers in Lethbridge. The Board decided on a rental rate of $14/acre.

  • 7-1/8-2 Pump Sites:

This item will be discussed in more detail at the next Board meeting.

  • Main Canal Agreement

The Board discussed the main canal agreement. A meeting is scheduled for June 28 to discuss the new proposed agreement with the SMRID Board. Alex Ostrop has agreed to draft a first draft of the proposal. Jason will share it with the RID Board as soon as it is available.

New Business

  • Directors’ Items:
    1. Town of Raymond Water Agreements – Rod Wendorff expressed the frustrations that he has heard from rural water users over the Town of Raymond’s decision to nearly double the rural potable water rate. At the request of the Board, Jason shared various water agreements the RID has with the Town of Raymond. The Board discussed raising the municipal rate, which would increase the charge to the Town of Raymond. In the end the Board felt if an increase was made to the municipal rate, the Town would increase the rural water rate even more.
    • LNID Celebration – John attended the LNID’s 125 year celebration. It was well attended by LNID water users, Irrigation Districts, and government representatives.
  • Chief Mountain Gas Coop – Inviation:

The Chief Mountain Gas Coop is having an anniversary celebration in July and invited the RID Board to attend. The Board discussed the invitation, but the date conflicts with their schedules.  

  • Stampede Society Drainage Project – Jason Reported:

The Raymond Stampede Society was gifted a parcel of land to replace their existing stampede grounds, which the Town has gifted to the Westwind School Division for a new High School. A neighbor to the new location flood irrigates and their ditches are old and no longer hold water the way they were designed. As a result, part of the flood water backs up onto the parcel that is to become the new Stampede grounds. The RID worked with the irrigator, the Stampede Society, and the Town of Raymond to remedy the situation. All parties are happy with the outcome.

  • AIDA Executive Meeting – John Reported:

John Shared the highlights from the June 20th AIDA executive meeting, which included the following:

  • AIDA continues to work with DFO to ensure irrigation districts have the ability to dewater their canals.
  • Canada Water Agency (“CWA”) has officially launched, but details are still being worked out regarding their mandate.
  • Interdistrict tour at the BRID is scheduled for July 6.
    • Aquatic Herbicides – UPL, a company that provides an alternative aquatic herbicide to Magnicide H, has stopped the process of applying for registration of their products in Canada because of the intensity of the registration process. For now, we can continue to use Magnicide H.
    • The next AIDA conference is scheduled for February 2024 in Lethbridge.
  • Alberta Agriculture and Irrigation – IRP 1792 – Conditional Evaluation Report:

Jason presented a report from Alberta Agriculture and Irrigation on the evaluation of IRP 1792. The report indicated that all features of the project are in fair to good shape. As such, no maintenance action plan is required. The RID will continue to monitor the project in the normal course of operations and maintain as needed.

  • Alternative Parcel Requests – Jason presented the following requests:
  • NE 17-6-21-W4 to 22-6-21 (HJT to Ron Pack)
    1. W1/2 SW 25-6-21-W4 to NE 26-6-21-W4 (Rodeback to Kuerschner)
    1. SW 7-6-20-W4 to NE 26-6-21-W4 (Smith to Kuerschner)
    • NE 27-6-20-W4 to NE 36-5-21-W4 (Chipman to Kawade)

On motion made by Craig Palmer and carried, the above noted alternative parcel requests are approved for the 2023 irrigating season.

  • HPA Requests – Jason presented the following requests:
  • Plan 0714201, Block 2, Lot 4 (Mackenzie – Willowbrook Estate Acreage)
    1. Plan 0714201, Block 2, Lot 1 (Mora – Willowbrook Estate Acreage)
    1. Plan 0714201, Block 2, Lot 2 (Coulouras – Willowbrook Estate Acreage)
    1. Plan 5600G1, Block 53, Lot 3 (Hall)
    1. Plan 2211306, Block 1, Lot 3 (Jared Dyck)
    1. Plan 1510369, Block 2, Lot 1 (Van Egmond)
    1. Plan 1413306, Block 1, Lot 8 (Bourret)

On motion made by Rod Wendorff and carried, the above noted HPA requests a,b,c,e,f & g are approved.

  • Next Meeting Date

The next meeting is set for July 19, 2023.

Motion to adjourn – There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 3:20 pm on motion by Rod Wendorff.