November 17, 2021 Board Meeting Highlights

Held Wednesday November 17, 2021 commencing at 9:42 AM in the RID Board Room.

  • The agenda for the meeting was approved on motion by Rod Wendorff and carried.
  • The Minutes of the October 20, 2021 board meeting were approved on motion by Craig Palmer and carried.

Business Arising

  • O&M Report and AIM Project Update:

Cody Heggie showed a slide presentation of the work performed over the past month. RS4 is close to being completed. The crew has worked very hard and efficiently. The road crossing was a challenge not only because of the depth of the trench, but also because the trench filled with water. Despite these challenges the crew preserved and the project is close to being completed.  

We anticipate starting on the 9 mile around the beginning of December. We have received all of the 36” pipe for the project, but Ipex cannot delivery the 42” (which is the majority of the pipe) until mid-January.

  • Staffing Update:

Jason reported that he will have a draft advertisement for the vacant ditch rider position for the next board meeting.

  • Irrican – Kelvin Kado reported:

2021 was Irrican’s best overall year. Revenue will be close to $15M. We will begin year end work and preparation for the annual audit.  

R7-1 and R8-2 solar arrays are fully operational and generating income. R7-1 had a month down due to a link burn out. The R7-1 pump fund has an outstanding liability to the RID so a surcharge fee needs to be sent out to all R7-1 irrigators. Going forward we will need to increase the R7-1 pump fund fee. We will continue to review the power charges and solar generation at the R7-1 and R8-2 pump sites.

The board also reviewed the annual Christmas turkey and ham policy and agreed to continue with the prior year practices.  

  • Cross Coulee Pipeline Review – Jason reported:

Jason Miller and Darin Wilde met with the irrigators that will be served by the Cross Coulee pipeline for input as we work to move the design from preliminary to a detailed design. The irrigators continue to be excited and support the project.

  • Irrigating Alberta Inc. (“IAI”) update – Jason reported:

Districts are struggling to get pipe from Ipex in a timely manner. Prior to the next IAI meeting, the districts will be meeting with Ipex to discuss strategies to ensure districts can receive pipe as needed going forward.  

  • New Round of Acres Updated – Jason reported:

The Board reviewed the acre distribution plan. At the time of the last plebiscite, the plan was to distribute 3,000 acres for infill and 2,500 for gravity pressurized systems (“GPS”). To date, we have distributed 1,528 acres for infill and set aside 670 acres for the Cross Coulee gravity line. Since the plebiscite 2 large events have occurred: the Welling Phase GPS is moving forward with a plan to be in operation for the 2025 irrigation season; and, Chin reservoir is being expanded which will result in increased water security and irrigation acres. To help realign the acre demand with the timing of when acres can be used the Board discussed using 4,000 acres for infill and 1,500 for GPS projects from the last plebiscite. Then having a plebiscite within the next 1.5 years to further expand from water savings from the GPS and the Chin expansion.

The Board carefully reviewed the current year new acre applications for irrigation acres.

On motion made by Rod Wendorff and carried, the Board approves adding irrigation acres to following parcels, contingent upon the parcels being classified as irrigable, the parcel being added to the Raymond Irrigation District, remote delivery agreements and/or irrigable unit agreements in place where needed, and any other parcel specific conditions as needed.

 NW17-6-16-W4 NW5-6-21-W4SE12-7-21-W4
 NE 31-5-19-W4 SW30-6-20-W4 
 SW3-7-19-W4 NE4-7-21-W4 
 NE4-7-20-W4 SE4-7-21-W4 
 SW33-5-19-W4 11-6-19-W4 
 E1/2 9-7-19-W4 NE23-6-19-W4 
 SE23-5-20-W4 NW10-7-19-W4 

New Business

  • Directors’ Items:

The directors discussed having a Christmas / Winter party for staff and the board.

  • Annual Three-Year IRP Plan – Jason reported:

Jason Miller presented the annual three-year IRP plan. The district is focused on completing the AIM projects for the next 3 years, but the Board discussed several future IRP projects once the AIM projects are completed. The Board expressed their appreciation for the IRP program, which has enabled the district to modernize and grow. Continued IRP funding is much needed and appreciated.   

On motion made by John McKee and carried, the Board approves the 2022-2025 Annual Three-Year IRP Plan as presented.

  • Household Purposes Agreements (“HPA’s”):

The following HPA’s were applied for: Plan 0711718, Block 3, Lot 2

On motion made by John McKee, and carried, the RID Board approves the HPA agreements as presented.

  • Next Meeting Date

The next meeting is set for December 15, 2021.

Motion to adjourn – There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 3:14PM on motion by John McKee.