March 25, 2021 AGM Meeting Highlights

Highlights of the annual meeting of the Irrigators of the Raymond Irrigation District held on Thursday March 25, 2021 at the Raymond Irrigation District office and via zoom.

Attendance: 24,            Directors and staff; 6  Irrigators; 7  Guests; 11

District Manager Jason Miller called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.

He welcomed all in attendance by logging in on ZOOM. Participation or comments can be made by unmuting and making any contribution.

Jason called for nominations for meeting chairman. Due to circumstances, John Mckee nominated Craig Palmer to chair the meeting. Craig proceeded to chair the meeting.

A motion by John McKee to accept the agenda, seconded by Rod Wendorff, no objections were noted. Motion carried…

Jason read the minutes of the November 2020 AGM. No business arose from the minutes. A motion by Rod Wendorff to accept the November minutes, seconded by John McKee, no objections were heard. Motion carried…

Jason noted the plebiscite expansion was voted on and approved.

Jason (returning officer) noted that only 1 nomination for Raymond area director was received.

Craig Palmer was appointed.

Jason noted the time spent by the directors on behalf of the district and he appreciated their help this past year. They do have the district requirements as a priority.

John McKee, presented the Chairman’s report and expressed his appreciation to the other board members, staff, SMRID, TID, AIDA and the Irrigation Council.

Motion to accept the report made by Rod Wendorff, seconded by Craig Palmer

Motion carried…

Jason Miller, presented the Manager’s report. His 1st report as the RID manager. Expressed his appreciation to Gordon ZoBell and Mark Jensen and Phil Wilde and Brian Rarick for their many years of dedicated work and leaving the district such good shape.

Motion to accept the report by Darren Wilde, seconded by Rod Wendorff

Motion carried…

Patrick Treadwell (MWGCPA), thanked the district for allowing them to do the audit again this year. Clean audit again this year.

Motion to accept the financial report by John Mckee, seconded by Rod Wendorff

Motion carried…

Cody Heggie, presented the maintenance and crop report, with a powerpoint (picture) show.

Motion to accept the report by Darren Wilde, seconded by John McKee

Motion carried…

Craig asked for any questions, concerns or new business.

Nothing arose.

Craig called for a motion to adjourn the meeting

Rod Wendorff made the motion.

Meeting concluded at 10:10 am