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Raymond Irrigation District NEWSLETTER

RID Mainline   May 2019   volume one

Water Supply Report

The April 1, 2019 Runoff Volume Forecast from Alberta Environment predicts runoff will be at the bottom quartile of average. Because of this the RID is in a rationing condition with rationed amounts set at 12 inches per assessed acre at the farm gate. Of course, significant precipitation variation in the mountain watershed and local rain fall will cause the allocation to be increased. This will be monitored on a monthly basis.


The RID will flush most RID canals and laterals beginning on May 6, 2019. Water will not necessarily be turned on into a canal or pipeline unless water is ordered on that system. It will be made available as quickly as possible once an order is made after May 6.


 The RID will begin the season in a water rationing condition.

Water will be allocated (12 in. at the farm gate) to all acres on the assessment roll.

Flow rates will be established for all parcels.

Days of irrigation will be calculated based on the flow rate and allocated volume.

The full notice of 24 hours is required for shutdown due to high winds or low temperatures. Delivery can be cancelled for mechanical breakdowns, with immediate notice to the water supervisor.

On farm storage will be part of the 2019 allocation set at the farm gate.

Water must be ordered on and off.

Water must be taken in initial 24 hour increments.

Irrigators pumping from Ridge reservoir will be allowed to start prior to May 6 but still must order water on and off and they must stay within their allocated volumes. The reservoir is expected to be refilled by July 1.

Water delivery

Water must be ordered on by contacting the water supervisor at least 24 hours prior to the time water is required. The same for ordering water off.

Delivery changes will be made Monday-Friday. Changes on the weekend will be at the discretion of the water supervisor.


A by-law has been passed setting the penalties of $100.00 per acre inch for the use of water in excess of the rationed amount.


Water allocations may be transferred between parcels.

Forms must be signed in the district office and are not considered complete until the water supervisor has received a copy.

Any future changes in allocated volume will follow the transferred assigned acres.

The district will maintain a list of “acres available” and “acres wanted” for transfer.

Transfer of allocation may only occur within the boundaries of the Raymond Irrigation District.

Transfer will be based on acres

Operations Manager in training

Please note that Cody Heggie has been promoted to this position and it is hoped that he will take over Mark Jensen’s position and responsibilities when Mark retires in late 2020.

Water Supervisor numbers

Cell number                     Home number (emergency only)

Phillip Wilde      330 0862                         756 2261

Cody Heggie     360 7941                         752 3976

Other numbers of importance

RID office                       752 3511

RID fax line                    752 3737

Gordon ZoBell          cell 380 7745     Home 752 4055

Mark Jensen             cell 380 0294     Home 752 3128


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