March 20, 2019 RID board meeting highlights

Minutes of the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Raymond Irrigation District held Thursday, March 20, 2019 commencing at 9:00 AM in the RID Board Room.

Attending: John McKee Chairman, Craig Palmer vice Chair, Gordon ZoBell, General Manager and recording clerk, Mark Jensen Operations Manager and Kelvin Kado as needed. Rod Wendorff director was absent due to employment responsibilities.

IRP Project Update – Mark noted that the Raymond Main IRP 2341 project is progressing now that cold weather has passed.

Monthly Maintenance report – Mark Jensen showed the board a slide presentation of work performed over the past month

Irrican Power – The RID will receive $362,000 on a yearly basis going forward from Irrican.

RID Financial – Kelvin Kado – Review of the 2019 audited annual financial report. An exit meeting with the auditor was held Tuesday March 19. There was a $118,000.00 short fall in budget due to less IRP recoveries for work performed by the RID and lower returns on investments. This will come back in line in 2019 due to Irrican funds now being available, an increased rate per acre and more in-house IRP work being performed by RID staff on IRP projects.

Raymond 8-2 pump and pipeline – Gordon noted that staff has reviewed the energy billing process which includes minimum fee for non-irrigation by a user in a given year and an energy fee for domestic users. A list of users has been compiled and they will be billed beginning in 2019.  The investigation of the cost to install 3 meters, 1 for each motor is ongoing and more information is required. Gordon hopes by next meeting to have a further report. A proposed solar array is also being investigated for use here to perhaps help offset energy costs. Management will bring this forward in the April RID board meeting.

RID Annual Meeting and Seminar – The agendas for both meetings were reviewed. It is felt that the seminar will be very informative with very good presenters assigned. There is over 80 people registered to attend. Many door prizes were donated by local businesses and some cash for the meal was donated as well.

Alberta Agriculture Farm Gate forecast – The March 1st 2019 forecast was discussed and it notes that at that date there is a 90% chance the RID will receive 13.1 inches per acre.

Remote delivery agreement – Michael Hofer – for delivery to the SW-5-6-19-W4. Approved on motion by Craig Palmer and carried.

Remote delivery agreement – Dave, Robert & Doug Keeler – for delivery to NW-34-5-21-W4 & SW-34-5-21-W4 – Approved on motion by Craig Palmer and carried.

Next meeting date – Wednesday, April 17, 2019 at the RID board room.

Motion to adjourn and time meeting ended – Having no further business the board ended the meeting at 1:48 PM on motion by John McKee.