September 14, 2018 RID board minute highlights

Highlights of the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Raymond Irrigation District held Friday September 14, 2018 commencing at 9:00 AM in the RID Board Room.


Attending: John McKee Chairman, Craig Palmer vice Chair, Rod Wendorff director, Gordon ZoBell, General Manager and recording clerk, Kelvin Kado as needed. Mark Jensen Operations Manager as absent


The Agenda for the September 14, 2018 meeting was approved on motion by Rod Wendorff and carried.


The Minutes of the, August 18, 2018 board meeting were approved on motion by Rod Wendorff and carried.




  1. IRP Project Update given by G ZoBell


IRP 2341 – Final design is underway.


  1. Monthly Maintenance report – Due to Mark Jensen absence this report was not given this month.


  1. Irrican Power – Kelvin Kado – Reviewed highlights of August report to ICPC board. ICPC income is up significantly from the previous 2 years. All ACFA loans paid out, 2018 income to cover operating expenses and ATB loan payment. There should be a good cash surplus this year. We will be starting to prepare for October year end.


  1. RID financial – Assessment billing was completed August 17, 2018. Funds are coming in both by cheque and EFT deposits. Mail strike commencing September 26, 2018: incoming payments? Incoming bills? Payments? There could be some delay problems.


  1. 2018 water situation – Saint Mary reservoir has depleted a great deal over the past month and is at approximately 30%. SMRID is managing the system to have 133,000 acre feet of storage in the Chin reservoir by seasons end. There will be more total storage than 2017 left at season end. District water supervisors have been instructed to communicate more with water users who wish to fall irrigate in hopes of curtailing fall irrigation until closer to the end of the water season.


  1. Current and future employee situation – Gordon noted that he met personally with Jess Wilde as instructed by the board to receive counsel with regard to giving older employees working notice. Gordon noted that he met with all RID full time employees regarding when they were planning to retire from full time employment with the district. Phillip Wilde noted that he planned to retire no later than December 31, 2019. Brian Rarick noted that he would like 3 more years from September 2018 if possible. Mark Jensen noted that he planned to retire when he reached age 65 but would consider staying a little longer if that would assist new employees in transition. Gordon noted that he would retire at age 65. Kelvin Kado noted he would retire at age 65. The board thanked Gordon for his report and noted that this now gives them direction to be working toward. With IRP funding decreasing there most likely will not be a need for as many full time employees going forward. The board requested this agenda item be added to the next board meeting for further consideration and direction.


  1. R7-1 – Gordon noted that he had met with Len Ring recently and that Len is currently reviewing the energy billing procedures for the R7-1 pump project.


  1. Jake Meyer/Esther Hofer – review the conditional approval for new rights on 9-7-21-W4 – On motion by Rod Wendorff the board approved 60 irrigation acres to be added to part of 9-7-21-W4 as long subject to Jake Meyer transferring his 70 permanent acres found in NW-4-7-21-W4 to 9-7-21-W4 and only one 130 acre pivot will receive delivery for permanent acres on 9-7-21-W4. A remote delivery agreement must be signed by the owner of 9-7-21-W4 to tie the parcel to the RID turn out located in NE-4-7-21-W4. Also subject to a suitable irrigation classification, carried.


NEW Business


  1. Directors Items – The manager noted that he had met with several district managers in Lethbridge recently. There is concern that we will not see IRP funding into the future. Many other items of mutual interest was discussed.


  1. Proposed amendments to the ID act – EID – On motion by John McKee the board approved that RID will support the EID initiative to amend the ID Act to better explain what an owner constitutes. The Manager will prepare a letter addressed to the Provincial Ag Minister O’Neil Carlier. Carried


  1. ORRSC subdivision application – file #218-0-097 – Hardy subdivision – Plan 1785J, block 60 within w1/4-20-6-20-W4. To subdivide a 9.01 acre parcel and create 3 titles consisting of 2.26, 2.16 and 4.59 acres respectfully in size for country residential use. – Approved on motion by Rod Wendorff subject to the new smaller parcels being assigned a share of the costs for the R7-1 energy and pump fund. It was noted that the current formula is currently under review. Carried


  1. SMRID Advisory Committee Meeting – August 23, 2018 – GZ report – water will be shut down October 5, 2018. Drop#6 needs maintenance, much work remaining from spring flooding but most is beyond Horsefly check, remaining water storage for the season will be more than last season. Expanded committee meeting will be held October 24, 2018 at Ready made community center. RID Chair and Manager to attend, but any director is welcome from RID. Gary Franz is frustrated with RID and feels we are thinking the “old way” and need to see a broader picture with regard to main canal sharing of costs. SMRID would like drainage flow numbers from RID and Gordon will meet with Terrence and Chris to discuss this and other sensitive issues.


  1. HPA – Hardie, Teresa and Ronald Entz of Box 3812 Stirling AB T0K 2E0 – Plan 0711718 Block 3, Lot 3 Linc 0024 880 924 NW-32-6-19-W4 3.38 acres – Approved by the board on motion by John McKee, Carried.


  1. Next meeting date – Wednesday, October 17, 2018 at the RID board room.


  1. Motion to adjourn and time meeting ended – Having no further business the board ended the meeting at 1:04 PM on motion by John McKee.