August 15, 2018 RID board minute highlights

Highlights of the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Raymond Irrigation District held Monday August 18, 2018 commencing at 9:00 AM in the RID Board Room.


Attending: John McKee Chairman, Craig Palmer vice Chair, Rod Wendorff director, Gordon ZoBell, General Manager and recording clerk, Kelvin Kado as needed. Mark Jensen Operations Manager.


The Agenda for the August 18, 2018 meeting was approved on motion by Rod Wendorff and carried.


The Minutes of the, July 18, 2018 board meeting were approved on motion by Rod Wendorff and carried.




  1. IRP Project Update given by Mark Jensen


IRP 2334 Stirling #16 – Project is complete and working well.


IRP 2341 – Final design is underway.


Darin Wilde entered the meeting at 9:30 AM. He presented to the board the following.

  • IRP 2341 Raymond Canal upgrade – He noted that each road and farm crossing will be upgraded where necessary as well as all concrete drop structures and the large pipe drop in Romerils will be replaced. The control structure at the south end of Perret Lake will also have one bay added. This is all per the approved project plan.
  • Raymond 8-1 gravity pipeline – Darin noted that he had studied the problems associated with delivery from the pipeline. Due to the conversation of most of the users from wheel line to pivot the dynamics of the pipeline have changed. There is insufficient water to meet demand at peak delivery. The project delivers to approximately 1000 acres and it is possible to have 100% use at times. The current pipeline will not accommodate this. Darin went over a new design that would require a twinning of the line. The inlet structure from Factory Lake would also be replaced as it has deteriorated over time. The project was constructed in 1983.
  • Darin reviewed the Welling area proposal to eliminate all deliveries from the 9 mile and north as far as the Baker and Jarokowsky parcels in 11-7-21-W4. A pipeline from the Welling canal near the W-3 turnout would run north and deliver to 3500 acres. This project would also place the RID in position to install the first phase of the gravity pipeline system from the Environment canal when complete.

After hearing Darin Wilde’s report and on motion by John McKee the board approved the inclusion of the R8-1 gravity pipeline on the next three year plan to follow the construction the Raymond main canal improvements. Carried. An investigation of the proposed rehabilitation is to be carried out with the thought of possibly including additional parcels north of the current project area.


On motion by Rod Wendorff the board approved the continued preliminary investigation into the 9 mile and north deliveries as noted. This project would follow the R8-1 project as the next priority. Carried.


  1. Mark Jensen Maintenance report – There have been several area thefts of batteries and copper wire recently that is concerning. Mark noted that 2 of the RIDs solar measurement sites had expensive batteries stolen recently. Mark was able to get 2 batteries back by enquiring with battery dealers in Lethbridge. The SMRID control buildings at North Ridge outlet and Raymond chute and check drop A and the 4,5,6 inlet structure were also broken into and copper grounding cable was stolen. There have also been several batteries and even a fuel tank stolen from area water users.


  1. Irrican Power – Gordon noted that power pool prices have been very good this season as well as the contracts that Irrican has entered into have been lucrative. The turbine at Chin was checked for cavitation damage and there was none found and the repairs from last year were holding perfectly.


  1. RID financial – Kelvin is busy completing the 2018 billing which will go out to water users this next week.


  1. 2018 water situation – Saint Mary reservoir has 160,000 acre feet left from a total of 300,000 and is dropping by 4000 acre feet per day. Demand is still strong but expected to decline very soon. There is 60,000 acre feet of water more in total storage than this time last season (2017).


  1. Current and future employee situation – Once the busy water season has declined Gordon will meet with each employee to try to get a signed letter from each noting their date of retirement.




  1. Directors Item – There were no director’s items.


  1. R7-1 – Gordon requested permission from the board to hire Len Ring to complete a review of the energy billing system. There have been changes since the original project was completed and several parcels have been subdivided. This review would take place prior to the assessment review by the board. On motion by John McKee the board approved the request, carried.


  1. HPA – Jason Harrison and Michelle Bulpitt Box 1304 Raymond – 29-6-20 – W4 – north of temple Hill in corner of Dana Hirsche land. Approved on motion by Rod Wendorff and carried.


  1. Esther Hofer – review her conditional approval for new rights on 9-7-21-W4 – Gordon noted that Jake Meyer is purchasing a parcel from Esther Hofer in 9-7-21-W4. He may be willing to transfer his 70 permanent rights from NE-4-7-21-W4 to the new parcel. The RID could then approve the permanent application of 60 irrigation acres to the same parcel for a total of 130. A new 130 acre pivot would then be added to the parcel by Meyer. He requested that if he could rent water for his 70 acres in section 4 could he irrigate there on a yearly basis as well? After hearing this new proposal the board noted that they would consider this proposal as long as only one 130 acre pivot had the permanent acres under it and that the same owner would be in charge of the noted systems. Only 660 gpm is available to the delivery point. Gordon noted that he would convey this information to Meyer.


  1. ORRSC – File number 2018-0-083 – Max Holt subdivision – Block X plan 1785J – S1/2-19-6-20-W4 – to subdivide 74.67 acres and create 5 new parcels ranging in size from 8.7 acres to 19.03 acres – On motion by John McKee the board noted they would sign subdivision documents only if the permanent irrigation acres are removed from the parcel. A household purposes agreement could be acquired from the RID for each new parcel for lawn garden trees and livestock. Carried.

August 15, 2018 RID Board Minutes


  1. Next meeting date – Wednesday, September 19, 2018 at the RID board room.


  1. Next meeting date – Wednesday, August 18, 2018 at the RID board room.


  1. Motion to adjourn and time meeting ended – Having no further business the board ended the meeting at 12:12 PM on motion by Craig Palmer.