December 20, 2017 RID board meeting highlights

Minutes of the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Raymond Irrigation District held Wednesday December 20, 2017 commencing at 9:00 AM in the RID Board Room.


Attending: John McKee Chairman, Craig Palmer vice Chair, Rod Wendorff Director, Gordon ZoBell, General Manager and recording clerk, Mark Jensen Operations Manager. Kelvin Kado as needed.


The Agenda for the December 20, 2017 meeting was approved on motion by Rod Wendorff and carried.


The Minutes of the, November 15, 2017 board meeting were approved on motion by Craig Palmer and carried.




  1. IRP Project Update given by Mark Jensen


IRP 2321 W#5 phase #5 – Meyer Line – 500 meters have been installed but due to

weather difficulties the project was halted. The project will resume once IRP 2334 is



IRP 2334 Stirling #16 – The project began Nov 15, 2017 at the north end in the

Roger Snow parcel work continues with approximately 65% of the pipe installed. The

Maynes county road crossing has also been completed.


  1. Maintenance report – Mark showed the board a slide presentation of work completed under the district’s IRP and maintenance program over the past month.


  1. Irrican Power – Financial books were handed over to MNP on December 7, 2017. There was also a ICPC board meeting on December 7th.The financial report was given to the board, indicating that there was a 1.1 million $ improvement from 2016, but that was not enough to have a cash carryover until 2018 income generation kicks in. We do have around $450,000 in our account which will cover operating expenses to May 2018. ICPC will need to use $1,000,000+ From RBC dominion security reserves to make loan payments in the spring.


  1. RID financial – A reminder statement was sent out to outstanding accounts on December 15. Payments are slowly coming in. I will be sending Rate Enforcement letters out next week to encourage payments, there are a few more accounts than usual this year. I will have a full rate enforcement list for the next board meeting. Hams and Turkeys are ready for pick up at the Merc. $500 bonus cheques are ready to print, if there are no changes from the past 2 years. Our budget planning needs to begin next month. We need to prepare a short/long term plan for capital purchases. As I have noted we may need to consider rate increase for 2018. We will have income from terminable acre sales, but that will not be coming in till late fall 2018 and could be used for 2019 operating. We will not know what ICPC will do going forward until October 2018.


  1. Employees – The manager talked to Phil Wilde regarding his proposed date for retirement. Phil noted that he planned to work two more seasons. The board discussed the fact that 5 employees will retire over the next 5 years. This will require some restructuring of employee duties and responsibilities and the district can most likely have up to two less employees performing similar tasks. Due to pipeline installation and less IRP funding the RID workforce will most likely shrink. After much discussion the board determined that they will meet January 10, 2018 for a short board meeting followed by a retreat in the RID board room to consider future employee needs and responsibilities going into the future. The manager will prepare a current flow chart showing current employees and their responsibilities.


  1. AIPA conference and directors meeting – The conference was held November 21 and 22 at the Lethbridge Lodge Hotel. RID directors and staff attending reported that the conference was well attended and the speakers were very interesting.


  1. Saskatchewan Irrigation conference – John McKee attended this conference held December 5&6 in Moosejaw. John met and conversed with several government officials and irrigation district officials as well as water users. He was very happy to have attended this conference and was able to discuss many interests of mutual concern with those attending. There is much opportunity for increased irrigation development in Saskatchewan but money is tight from the government side and the water users as well. John noted to the board that we are fortunate to have the system we enjoy in Alberta.





  1. Directors Items – Corners Pride Farms Ltd – John noted that he had been in discussion with John Majoris regarding drainage and 3 phase power issues in the area of 8-7-20-W4.


  1. RID Christmas bonus 2017 – On motion by Rod Wendorff the board approved a cash bonus of $500.00 for all full time employees and board members as well as a turkey and ham. All part time employees will receive a turkey.


  1. Letter to Minister of Agriculture – It was noted that the manager sent an email to Minister Oneil Carlier regarding the need for continued funding under the IRP program and of its effect on the RID. The minister responded with a return email thanking the manager for the information provided.


  1. RID winter party – The board set January 19, 2018 at the Raymond senior’s center for the winter party. Kelvin will provide a prime rib dinner this year. Bingo will be played following the meal.


  1. Add parcel to RID – On motion by John McKee the board approved adding 11-6-19-W4 to the district. The owners hope to purchase unused irrigation acres in the future for the parcel. The motion was carried.


  1. Transfer acres – section26 of ID Act – 8 irrigation acres from: Weldon Thomson Ptn – 16-6-20-W4 parcel 10622 To: Oliver Schneider NE-35-6-20-W4 parcel 1019 for sprinkler use. Approved on motion by Craig Palmer and carried.












December 20, 2017 RID Board Minutes


  1. Other Purposes water use – East Raymond Colony site – NW-25-5-20-W4 – 15 acre/.ft for colony use. Approved on motion by Rod Wendorff and carried.


  1. Acciona Energy – The manager noted that this company is planning to install several wind generators in an area just south of the New Dayton lateral.


  1. Next meeting date – Wednesday, January 10, 2017 at the RID board room.


  1. Motion to adjourn and time meeting ended. – There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 4:16 PM on motion by Rod Wendorff.



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