October 15th, 2014 RID Board Meeting Highlights

Highlights of the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Raymond Irrigation District held Wednesday October 15, 2014 commencing at 9:00 AM in the RID Board Room.

Attending: Byron Wilde Chairman, John McKee Vice Chairman, Director Alan Heggie, Gordon ZoBell, General Manager and recording clerk, Mark Jensen Operations Manager and Kelvin Kado, Offiice Manager, as required.

IRP Project Update given by Mark Jensen

IRP 2280 phase 3 – Pipe has all been delivered to site. Construction will begin later this fall.

Ortho Photo’s – Gordon attended a meeting September 12th, to discuss taking new aerial photos of the RID in the 2015 season.

Maintenance report – Mark Jensen showed the board a short slide presentation outlining work completed over the past month.

Irrican Power – Kelvin Kado – Production report for September has not yet been received, we will be getting it soon. August total income from plants was $786,312.94. August had a drop in income due to Chin lightning strike.

RID Financial – Payments are rolling in. It will get busier from now to the end of the month to take advantage of the discount. The A/R outstanding to October 14, 2014 is $430,821.60. We are in the process of updating the assessment billing statement for next year, adding a little more information. Custom billings are continuing to be sent out. We are waiting for our pipe invoice from IPEX to come in any day.

Expansion Plebiscite in the RID – Gordon noted that RID staff have completed the DDIT update and all information has been given to Bob Winters of AAFRD.

AIPA September 22, 2014 directors and extraordinary meeting in Picture Butte – Re: By-laws – Byron and Gordon attended this meeting. They noted that there was a good attendance at the meeting. The new Premiere, Mr. Prentice, recently met with AIPA officials regarding IRP funding. The group was encouraged by his attitude toward irrigation funding. Jim Dau reviewed all recent AIPA outreach activities. He noted that a BBQ held at one of the Calgary Farmers Markets was well received. AIPA sponsored a corn roast at the market. Mussel prevention was discussed at length and the great concern it is to the irrigation industry. AIPA has been very proactive in enlightening the public regarding the seriousness of the issue. It was noted that more money will most likely be required from the AIPA and there is some funds in a reserve that could be used. The public awareness campaign will continue with improvements. A few recreational boats have been stopped at checkpoints which contained mussels. These boats were disinfected.

AIPA conference – November 24, 25 & 26, 2014 at the Deer Foot Inn Calgary – All RID directors will attend as well as Gordon, Mark and Kelvin.

Village of Stirling – More armor is required on the Kipp Coulee at the project completed for the Village in 2013. The cost will be $2500,00. The RID will place the armor if the Village pays the costs.

SMRID – Is seeking a new manager to replace outgoing manager Tom Crooks.

Discharge caveat – SW-16-6-20 –W4 – Nemeth – This caveat is no longer required by the RID as it is regarding a part of the RID works that no longer exists and was replaced by pipeline. On motion by John McKee the board approved the discharge of the caveat from the title.

Next meeting date – Wednesday, November 19, 2014.