Water Operations

The RID will make water available to all users weather permitting May 14, there may be some areas of the district where water will be available earlier than that date. Users are requested to contact their respective water supervisor several days before water is actually needed.  This will assist in determining need within the district at startup.

Phil Wilde – 403 330-0862

Cody Heggie – 403 360 7941


SMRID Staggered Start up procedure: FYI


With the extreme weather we have experienced through the winter and the delayed warming in spring the SMRID infrastructure has been put through an extreme amount of events.

Starting with the delayed spring break up we were unable to install a number of repaired gates that had been removed in the spring. Furthermore the main canal was full of snow in a number of locations.

Staff identified a pending problem in February and commenced excavating a channel in the snow within the canal in the hope that during spring break up the melting water would cut its own channel in the canal which unfortunately did not work as intended. What did occur is that a warm spell in March was followed by sudden cold temperatures in the first week of April which turned the snow to ice. When it did warm up after the first week of April there was massive overland flooding which ended up in our canal, this in turn floated the massive ice chunks which then caused ice jams in the canal at all bridges and culverts.

In response the SMRID had rented about 40 excavators to remove ice debris to get the water to flow in the canal and not overtop and cause further flood issues.

All of this has resulted in a delayed startup to facilitate installation of repaired gates; repairs to the canals at key locations and to inspect the canals to ensure integrity of our infrastructure.

Today on April 30th we have been able to inspect most of the infrastructure and have decided to start up in a staggered fashion in order to get water to irrigators as fast as possible without jeopardizing the infrastructure integrity.

Planned Staggered Start up:

Ridge Reservoir to Chin Reservoir

Start filling Cross Coulee on May 1st, then start flushing the main canal from Ridge to Chin on May 4th.

Chin 2       will be isolated to affect repairs caused by the extreme flooding in the area. A contractors will start work on the canal on May 1st and will take about a week to complete deliveries are only expected on this stretch for the week of May 14th.

Chin 10     There are two checks that have been washed out. A contractor has been hired to repair this work and 3 gates need to be installed. Deliveries on this canal is expected for the week of May 14th.



Chin To Forty Mile

Flushing flows will be released from Stafford on Friday May 4th with a flow of 300 cfs. Deliveries are expected on this section for the week of May 7th with some complications as follows:

Grassy outlet canal will be shut down to the syphon on Tuesday May 1st to start repairs. A contractor has been hired to do this work and deliveries on this section a planned for the week of May 14th.

Only one pump is functioning at Grassy syphon. Both pumps will be started on May 1st. Once these pumps have started anyone on North Grassy or North Burdett can use the water where it is available. This operation may hamper anyone pumping into the canal.

Forty Mile to Sauder

Pumping will commence from Wednesday May 2nd so that we can get flows in the main. The main canal will start with checking up water at the check closest to 40 mile reservoir. We are operating from 40 mile to minimize water being spilled downstream into the rivers

Sauder to Murray

Water will be primed started on Monday May 7th. Between then and now water is shut off so that crews can install vitally needed gates in the main canal downstream of Murray, something that has not been able to be done because of the extreme amount of melt water in the canal. Water deliveries are expected in this section for the week of May 7th.

Newly Installed Pipeline projects

The Newly installed pipeline projects at Bow Island 26, Cameron Lateral and South Grassy Main are being tested at this time by filling them with water and pressure testing the pipe. No problems are expected and if so then deliveries in these areas is expected for the Week of May 7th


Staff will provide water to anyone when it is available at their location. That is, or instance, when water is checked at the full level at a check on the main water will be made available to people upstream.

We ask for, and appreciate the patience of irrigators as we work through this very difficult time; the weather has not been kind to anyone. The staff are working hard, together with contractors, to expedite start up.

2017 – Water was made available to RID water users the week of May 8th, 2017

2017 – Water will be shut off to all deliveries in the RID on October 6, 2017


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